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Global Sport Tourism Summit at WTM London

7 Nov 2016, 13:30 – 18:00

Platinum Suite 1, ExCel Centre, London

Language: English

WTM will host the first Global Sport Tourism Summit, the world’s largest sport tourism gathering of industry experts from the world’s fastest growing tourism segment. The event will be bring some of the leading global figures in sport, tourism, destination marketing, major events and mass participation events together.  The inaugural Global Sport Tourism Summit in partnership with WTM, takes place at WTM London on the afternoon Monday 7th November.  The event will also include the first Global Sport Tourism Awards.

Sports Tourism Innovation panel discussion.

Sports Tourism Innovation panel discussion.

Attendees will hear from leading global experts in the sector how to attract major global sports events and how to develop successful sports tourism products capable of attracting millions in revenue to a region or local community. Some of the world’s leading sport tourism destinations and professionals from major global events will discuss how the need for innovation holds the key to the future of Sport Tourism destinations.  Attendees will hear from a range of destination marketing professionals who have used sport tourism and major events as a way of differentiating their destinations.

The sessions will also introduce speakers from major sports events to leading mass participation events that bring thousands of participants and spectators to sport tourism locations around the globe.  The discussions will look at future innovation in the area of sport tourism destination building and hear from the event professionals on the new trends and innovations that are shaping the future of events across the world.   Some of the most respected industry figures from destination development and sport tourism events will share their thoughts on the fastest growing tourism industry segment.

The event will attract professionals from a variety of sectors from sports bodies, federations, events, marketing and tourism destination development companies eager to attract global sports events and tournaments or develop their own major sports tourism product around mass participation events.

The event is promoted by W2 Consulting in partnership with WTM.  W2 Consulting work with destinations in measuring sport tourism impact, devising and implementing innovative sport tourism strategies