Awards Judging Criteria

1. Evidence-based:

The panel are looking for evidence of real change, businesses which can convincingly demonstrate positive impacts, or reduced negative impacts, quantified wherever possible.

2. Replicability:

The Awards aim to inspire change, we seek to identify examples of best practice which can be replicated across the sport tourism sector and around the world.

3. Innovation:

The judges are looking for innovative practices that make a real difference, the Awards highlight new good practices, which the judges believe, can, and should, become common practice.

4. Influence:
We look for businesses and organisations that are not only doing good work themselves, but are using their influence to ensure their peers to do the same.

5. Sustainability & longevity:
The judges seek to Award those businesses that understand that taking growing sport tourism must encompasses the economic, social and environmental impacts. The winners will be events, destinations and organisations who have a clear vision for the long-term success of their work, with future targets and plans in place.

6. Overall commitment to sport tourism:
Alongside the category-specific focus, there needs to be a clear overall commitment to positively impacting local communities, economies, cultures and environments.

The Sport Tourism Awards is not a certification organisation – we seek to award and promote good practice. Remember the judges can only Award from amongst those that apply and who take the time, and make the effort, to present their achievement(s) and the evidence clearly – and we do take up the references and make our own enquiries. These are tough Awards to win, the competition is stiff.